Trump’s Presidency And America In Prophecy

The prophetic significance of Donald Trump’s presidency will result in empowering the Evangelical Churches of America to reverse the evils of same-gender marriage, and quite possibly Roe v. Wade. They will also establish religious parameters to safeguard the sacredness Sunday as the Christian’s Sabbath. This sort of forced worship will foment into what prophecy calls “the image of the beast” system. This very dangerous system to free worship, will initiate a time of trouble, known in prophecy as “Jacob’s time of trouble,” (Jer. 30: 5-7). In short, then, there are three safeguards that a Republican House, Senate and Presidency will seek to achieve and enact: Sanctity of the day of worship (Sunday), sanctity of marriage (one man-one woman), and sanctity of the womb (no abortions on demand).

Adventist Pastor Fired From City Job Due To His Theology on Homosexuality

Below is the letter that inspired this blog post, back in May of 2014.  Since the writing of this letter, the General Conference of SDA’s has completely reversed itself on the question of acceptance of homosexuality in the Christian faith. The media is again on this story: ********************  *******************  ****************** May 18, 2014 My fellow Israelites: My heart […]Read Post ›