The King’s Highway-YHWH Is There

This sermon presents the truth of the pre-millennial Kingdom which announced that Christ Himself will be there as He shall then “Take the reigns into His own Hands.”  Please leave a comment after reviewing.

2 thoughts on “The King’s Highway-YHWH Is There

  1. For me this was an excellent Sabbath day sermon. How our eyes are opened to the plans of God. There is no question that when one sees the comparisons of Ezekiel to Revelations that two different time periods are being portrayed and two different Kingdoms. The one with a sanctuary and the other without as it has no need as God Himself dwells there. The premillennial Kingdom Jerusalem reminds me a great deal of the time of the exodus when the pillar of fire was with the children of Israel. I think of all the years I have wasted that belonged to God and marvel at His grace and mercy that he never gave up on me, even when I had given up on myself. May the Lord God continue to guide you in your endeavours that we open our eyes that we will ever be receptive to His word and prove all teachings by the scriptures.


    1. Praise His Holy Name!!! I am delighted and humbled to know that I was used by the Lord as a stepping stone in your journey back to His loving embrace. Keep on sharing the word, and most of all living for HIM.


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