Luther’s 95 Theses Today

What if Martin Luther, the Father of the Protestant Reformation, lived today and decided to carry out his campaign of nailing his 95 theses on the church’s door?  For the purposes of this hypothetical, let’s remove Luther from Wittenberg, Germany, and insert him in the United States.  Do you suppose he’d be hailed as a reformer or as a terrorist?  My gut feeling is that he’d be condemned as a terrorist, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in “Protestant America”.  I want you to help me identifying some of the charges Luther would face from our judicial system today. Below I will name a few, and ask for your participation in identifying others.  Some possible charges I see him confronting today include:
• Vandalism
• Vandalism of a religious property
• Hate speech
• Terrorist

Please help me completing this list with your comments. Thanks.

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