The Seven Trumpets of Hope (Audoi Files)

This project on the Seven Trumpets will unveil 19 weeks of presentations on these gospel messages, as never  before presented in the entire Christian world, but now revealed through the ministry of the Holy Spirit of Prophecy in these last days.  I will be installing new audio files to this docket until they’re all uploaded. Please check back regularly.

The Below recording is the Opening Salvo into the Seven Trumpets.  This recording, therefore stands as the “introduction.” There will be nineteen hour long presentations on this truth-filled subject on “the  Mystery of God.”

The below recording is an in-depth study on the First of the seven Trumpets of Hope:

This recording is Trumpet number 2

The below recording is Trumpet number 3.

The below recording is an in-depth study of the Revelation 10; This is the 4th installment on the 6th Trumpet:

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