Study Charts and Presentations For and Against The Day Begins At DAWN

This is a presentation by Sister Charlene Fortsch.  She along with a number of Sabbatarians have embarked on the DAWN studies series, which hold that the day begins at dawn, hence the Sabbath day commences on the dawn of the Weekly Sabbath (Saturday) rather than the traditional concept of Friday evening through Saturday evening).

AT SDA Prophecies we hold that like the Biblical year, which has two beginnings, consisting of:

a) The Sacred Year beginning with the first Hebrew month–Nissan or Abib (March – April)

b) The Civil Year beginning with the seventh month — Tishri (September-October)

Similarly the Biblical  day has two beginnings:

a) The Sacred Day – beginning from evening to evening

b) The Civil (work) Day – beginning from sunrise to sunset

Below Are my findings to Charlene’s Three-Part Presentation, producing incontrovertible evidence from the pages of the Holy Bible, roundly demonstrating that the Biblical day begins and ends at sunset.

Garrick Augustus: The Biblical Day Examined Part-1 Sept 12-2015

Charlene has studied out this matter very closely, and I invite you to give her your undivided attention, for we are called to be close reasoners and logical thinkers.  It is from following this method that many Sabbath keepers have advance beyond secularized Adventism in our march to becoming Israelites indeed!  Let us be the Phillips and Nathaniels of our day, by prayerfully considering the Bible passages which enjoin upon us to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us, and to “prove all things” holding fast to only that which has been “proven” and is “good.”  While we do not see the DAWN as the beginning of the Sacred Day, I’ve invited and welcomed Charlene to my Bible Study platform, so together you and I along with the rest of attendees can take a deep dive into this subject, respecting the authority of the Bible in all things that are “profitable for doctrines.”

Charlene is a multi-generation Adventist, and is also a published author.  She has written the compelling book,  “Daniel: Understanding the Dreams and Visions“:

Bible Study Time: 5:30 pm EST on Sabbath August (8th & 15th) with Charlene.

Phone: 1-641-715-3580; Access Code: 944823#

Please bring your questions and comments: there’ll be lots of time for discussion.  Please bring your Christian courtesy and be polite even in your disagreements.

The Studies For the Day begins at DAWN are below, as presented by Charlene Fortsch, are listed below:

All presentations on this topic will be hosted in this folder.

Advertisement:  If you or your group has a study topic you’d like to share with us, please contact me and we’ll arrange to feature your presentation.  We want this to be a forum known for “investigating” for truth, as for hidden treasures, rather than those who profess to be “rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.”  Since our Denomination (SDA) does not provide a public forum where doctrinal differences, and Biblical discoveries can be shared in an honest and clear light, I as a Teacher of The Shepherd’s Rod, the most hated name in Adventism, have provided this forum to all to use.  I also invite you to come and join our weekly Bible Studies which are held at the same time and phone number during which Charlene will be speaking.

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