Rediscovering Passover In The Christian Church

In 2009 , 4th Quarter, the Seventh-day Adventist Church published an Adult Sabbath School (Quarterly) lesson in which they discussed the Law in Galatians, among other areas of “challenge” for SDA’s in the New Testament.  They determined that the law of “ceremonies” included the “feast days,” and when Christ died these laws were summarily nailed with Him to the cross.

This study challenges that view and clarifies for the believer that Christ was nailed to the cross and carried our “sins” with Him there, never destroying His law.  I demonstrate that the concept of “moral” and “ceremonial” laws are not Biblical  terms, but are the productions of the Roman Catholic Saint, and Scholar, Thomas Aquinas.  Follow this link: Rediscovering Passover in the Christian Church

This study is vital to your understanding of the Bible and the acceptance of truth, as it helps the reader to recognize the completeness of Christ’s sacrifice during the festival of Passover, and the perfection of His holy Torah in the lives of believers everywhere.  More importantly it gives you a new and deep appreciation for the veracity of the Scriptures.

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