The Seventh-day Adventist Church Is Now The New Welcome Center For Gay Leadership

Gay flag at supreme courtThe birth of the Seventh-day Adventist church was intended to call a people back to the true worship statutes of YHWH’s Commandments, statutes and judgments—the Torah. Indeed, this is engraved in the concluding lines of the
Third Angel’s message: “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Rev 14:12.

It is most atypical then to see the bastion of “the commandments of God,” now walking in lock-step with the papacy, mimicking their every move in doctrines, church ministries, and leadership functions.  You no doubt have seen some of my posts in recent months calling attention to the abject apostasy now rampant in our midst as Adventists, yet the apostates are seemingly winning the approval of many in both leadership and lay membership alike.  It was not long ago that Adventists knew that an alliance with the beast power of the papacy was an abomination before our God, yet today, friendship with Rome is now deemed as “inclusive” theology, consigning the former positions to the “historical trash heaps, in so far as the Seventh-day Adventist Church is Concerned.”

Let us, for a moment, ponder the following statement from the former world president of the SDA denomination, the father of the current church president, Ted Wilson: “There is another universal and truly catholic organization, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”[1]

While the word catholic does mean “universal,” I personally find it a play on words to show that the Adventists are not merely a universal or “world church,” but that we are also wedded in the embrace of the Roman Catholic Church—Babylon!.  In the popular vernacular we call this type of subliminal messaging “telegraphing.”  The intent of the telegrapher is to transmit a message which projects a specific meaning, but at times can be overlooked by the casual observer, based on the knowledge base of the recipients.  We send telegraphic messages in our body languages as well as in verbal and other non-verbal communicated statements.  There are many ways opposite sexes seek to gain the notice of the other, most of which are by telegraphed non-verbal communications.

Not desiring to preemptively rattle the cages of the laity, yet at the same time desiring to please their papal overlords, the Adventist leaders have become skilled in this subliminal telegraphy, and are now, to a great extent, transporting the masses of church membership in their apostasy towards Romanism, with the full cooperation of the faithful tithe-payers, without their conscious knowledge.

What is my authority, you may ask, for making such bold statements?  The answer will surprise you, but let me first share this, the church leaders have for years been flirting with doctrinal creep towards Catholicism, yet few in the membership are taking notice. Let me illustrate below by reviewing statements from the 2015 Doctrinal changes made at the 60th General Conference Session:

“Many of the proposed changes were minor, such as the replacement of the word ‘which’ with ‘that’ to reflect modern usage.  Instances of ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ were changed to ‘people’ and ‘humanity’ to make them gender inclusive.”[2]

This statement provides a classic case of telegraphing a message to the homosexual community, which suggests that in a matter of years, if not sooner, the barriers which now prohibit them from inclusion to membership and leadership within the family of Adventism will soon be torn down.  When one’s fundamental beliefs are changed to become “gender inclusive,” then you know they are messaging to that sector of society whose “gender” issues prohibit them from participating in church membership or leadership roles.  So this doctrinal change, which seems rather innocent on the surface, will in a short while reap its own harvest—one in which appeal will be made to this very “change” point, and official license will then logically follow in approving same-gender marriages in the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Be aware of this salient fact that all the churches that have adopted “female clergy” and “gay marriage,” have walked this same road before.  Hence it is not a supposition on my part when I say, these are the germinating seeds for “gay marriage” acceptance within Adventism.  Who is leading this charge?  The theologians within the once “faithful city” who are now romancing with the “harlot.”  Read. Isa. 1: 21.

Let me hasten to say that I have no personal vendetta against those who practice homosexual relationships, only deep love for them, that they would learn the truth of YHWH’s Torah (God’s holy Law), and repent from a lifestyle which guarantees them a home in the lake of fire!  This position of mine holds true for all other sinners who struggle with sinful practices not necessarily of a sexual nature.  But because the headwinds of change towards homosexuality` are blowing so furiously, I must warn you of the Trojan horse of “sensitivity,” and fake “compassion,” and “emotive connectivity,” and “tolerance,” among other emotionally charged words which are quickly descending the faith once and for all time delivered unto the saints, into a Babylon of heathen practices!

These doctrinal changes are necessitated because of the little-known fact that the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination has made legal commitments to the United Nations in a number of ways, and are directly participating in the two leading global initiatives of that body—the Millennial Development Goals (MDG’s) and the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s).  In order to appreciate what will come next, it is helpful to take a step back to see another doctrinal change the denomination has made a few decades ago, that has paved the way forward for the full-blown acceptance of the homosexual agenda.

In 1974–1975, the United States initiated a lawsuit against the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists alleging their violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act by the Pacific Press Publishing Association, regarding the salary of a number of individuals formerly employed by the denomination. Judge, Charles B. Renfrew was then presiding over the US District Court, in San Francisco. The General Conference made very astounding statements regarding the church’s organizational arrangement, principles, and theology on the papacy.  Elder Neal C. Wilson, then a vice-president of the General Conference, made the following admissions in the Reply Brief for Defendants (the SDA Church), verbatimly reproduced below:

“Although it is true that there was a period in the life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church when the denomination took a distinctly anti-Roman Catholic viewpoint, and the term ‘hierarchy’ was used in a pejorative sense to refer to the papal form of church governance, that attitude on the church’s part was nothing more than a manifestation of widespread anti-popery among conservative Protestant denominations in the early part of this century and the latter part of the last, and which has now been consigned to the historical trash heap so far as the Seventh-day Adventist Church is concerned.”[3]

A court brief is a statement from the proponent or defendant, made under oath; thus, the above testimony under oath is a binding claim of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. That it is of a theological nature makes it more interesting, for it immediately establishes itself as of doctrinal worth. In short then, this sworn testimony of Elder Wilson’s is now a part of the catalogue of Seventh-day Adventist theology, demonstrating its doctrinal stance towards the papacy!

How does the defense brief of the man who would later become the longest reigning world president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists square with the Denomination’s charge against The Shepherd’s Rod?[4] Does Elder Wilson’s admission regarding “the historical trash heap” square against the charge of the Rod’s interpretation of the leopard-like beast and for which it has been condemned? You see, in the 1930’s the Adventists condemned the Rod for being too soft on the papacy, and today they have flipped to the other end of the pendulum, yet they still condemn the Rod, alleging that it calls the church Babylon, when it has not.  What is more frightening though, is that church members still preach hatred against believers of The Shepherd’s Rod, even banning them from church attendance, while at the same time they open their arms to welcome the Gays and Lesbians into church membership and church leadership!  More Christian “compassion” is exercised towards the Jihadists, the Islamists, ISIL (ISIS) and Roman Catholics than is extended towards fellow Adventists who believe the Rod message of revival and reformation.

Although the denomination’s interpretation of the Rod’s message is incorrect, it does not take The Shepherd’s Rod to associate the Seventh-day Adventist Church with “Babylon”—the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters, for the SDA leaders have repeatedly proven their bond of fellowship with the papacy on their own volition, and Neal Wilson’s reply brief to the California Court sounds more loudly each day than any other voice could ever have done. If anything, by its own actions, the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination is proving the teachings of The Shepherd’s Rod more and more relevant with the dawning of each new day, for today, the church has actually capitulated on its “anti-roman catholic doctrines,” and has only admiration for the leadership of the Vatican.  How do I know this?  Read on…

Adventism’s Homecoming To Rome

Back in April of this year (2015), the Adventist church leaders had a summit with the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  This meeting with the Adventists was held sometime after the UN leader had met with the current pope, Francis.  It was out of that meeting that Mr. Moon was set on a new trajectory of reaching all groups: Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., under the global agenda of unity and inclusion, to “protect our common home,” and to fight against our common enemies—world hunger, climate change, and terrorism.  But when the world leader met with the Adventists, he had some strong words to share, words which resulted in their non-committal attitude to the rare evangelistic opportunity which landed on their doorsteps, when the Pope visited the Washington DC, the UN, and Philadelphia, back in September.

From that “first meeting,” we learn from the Adventist news sources that Ban made some proposals to the church leaders, and they, in turn, made some commitments to him.

“United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concerns about growing religious intolerance worldwide during a private meeting with Adventist Church leader Ted N.C. Wilson, and he invited the Seventh-day Adventist Church to work with the UN in helping people.

“Wilson, the first Adventist Church president to meet with a UN chief, noted that the church has long supported religious liberty and said it was willing to team up on initiatives that followed Christ’s ministry of helping people physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually…

“Ban spoke about global issues such as poverty and a lack of education before voicing his concern about religious intolerance reaching unprecedented levels globally. Just last week, a militant Islamist group killed 148 people in an attack on Christians at a Kenyan university.

“Ban underscored his belief that people should cultivate a respect for all, including those of other faiths. He indicated that he appreciated the Adventist Church’s work in promoting religious liberty as well as education, health, and humanitarian aid through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. ADRA has worked with the UN in assisting refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Wilson thanked Ban for the meeting and told about various church initiatives that correspond with the UN’s mission to help people…

“Diop [associate director of the Adventist world church’s public affairs and religious liberty department]  said he also saw ways that the church and UN could cooperate, particularly in eradicating poverty and promoting education and healthcare.

“The impressive portfolio that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has developed for service to the whole human family remarkably resonates with the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN,” he said in a statement.”[5]

Why are Adventist leaders now paling around with the UN’s envoy to the Papacy?  The answer is blowing in the wind. Now to gain an appreciation for why the Adventists have practically changed their teaching about the Papacy in their Revelation Seminars, is to take a journey back to Rome with Ban Ki-Moon.

“I was especially privileged to meet Pope Francis as we mark 1000 days to the deadline to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We discussed the need to advance social justice and accelerate work to meet with the MDG’s this is vital if we are to meet the Millennium promise to the world’s poorest”.

“I was also very heartened by the commitment of Pope Francis to build bridges among the communities of faith. I strongly believe that inter-faith dialogue can point a way to a deeper appreciation of shared values which in turn can lead to tolerance inclusion and peace. This is the driving force of the UN’s ‘Alliance of civilizations’ initiative and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak with Pope Francis about furthering this work”.

“It was an uplifting and hopeful meeting. Pope Francis is a man of peace and purpose. He is a voice for the voiceless. I look forward to continuing our conversation. In this period and following in the tradition of his predecessor I was delighted to invite Pope Francis to visit the United Nations at his earliest convenience”. [6]

SDA Leaders in dialogue with the UN on "interfaith" dialogue
SDA Leaders in dialogue with the UN on “interfaith” dialogue

The accompanying picture shows another hidden dimension of papal expansionary moves in both the political and religious arenas.  It shows Ban in company with Ted, and also in company with Pope Francis.  So let’s use the mathematical relationship to unpack the subliminal message being communicated:  Since the Adventists did not want to be seen publicly in company with the Pope, they instead held a summit with the UN leader after he had communed with the pontiff.  Here is the relationship: if A=B and B=C then by axiom of logic, A = C.  Similarly, if Ban is in company with the pope on “interfaith” dialogue, and simultaneously he is in discussions with the Adventists on “interfaith” relations, then by axiom of reasoning the Adventists are in talks with the Vatican on “interfaith” matters, through the UN Chief as their proxy messenger!

It must also be noted that Ban’s April visit was only the opening salvo of a growing and continued alliance in interfaith and church-state negotiations with the United Nations and by extension the papacy, but a subliminal message that he was the pope’s viceroy, and would message back the contents of his SDA-generated conversation to Rome.  Less than three weeks after the pope’s 2015 American visit, the UN High Command held another joint meeting with the Adventist world leaders, on October 13th.  Let’s see the scope of that meeting in the church’s own words:

“A senior United Nations official visited the Seventh-day Adventist world church headquarters to learn more about the church, meet church leaders, and to discuss current humanitarian issues…Wilson first met Riza in April during a visit with UN Secretary-General Ban at the United Nations headquarters in New York. That meeting was the first between an Adventist Church president and a UN secretary-general. Riza’s visit to the Adventist headquarters followed an invitation extended by Ganoune Diop, director of the church’s public affairs and religious liberty department.”[7]

Now you can clearly see who inspired the pope’s American trip, and why Mr. Moon met with the Adventists in April 2015 to continue his “inter-faith dialogue” which he had begun with the pope back in 2013, and why also that “first” meeting with the Adventist church leaders spilled over into the October 13th follow-up one with them.  Be assured that this will not be their last meeting either, as it was only a follow-up for ironing out the details of the first.  Where will this journey end?  Well, that is not a difficult question anymore, as it is obvious that all roads lead to Rome.  I know there are  many Adventists who are reveling in the idea that our Church has arrived, and that we are now earning the recognition and respect of the UN, but what they are totally ignorant of are the compromises being made along the way.

Can you imagine that the perfect moment had arrived for the widest distribution of The Great Controversy throughout the United States, on the very doorsteps of the General Conference, and the Adventist church leaders sat on their hands, and rather than priming up the printing presses to circulate this book as the leaves of autumn, they were instead tuning their voices to sing a cantata to the pope’s homily on the family—“Love at Work musical!”

To a practicing Adventist, the phrase “religious liberty” means to have the freedom to pursue one’s own religious convictions freed from the interference of the State, but it does not have the same meaning to a UN delegate.  Religious liberty by the UN standards means to not make anyone from another belief system feel uncomfortable about their past, present or future theological positions and practices in relation to the Bible, and that such ones religious privileges should be protected from proselytizing (evangelizing).  In short, it holds that all religions are the same, and must be respected by all, and protected by the state from persecution, and from proselytizing.  It is the doctrine of inclusion that your truth and my truth may be different, but we all worship the same God, falsehood that is being projected.  This is venomous false doctrine and an affront to true religious liberty!  There is only one truth in this wide world of ours, and it is constituted in a person called Truth—the One called “the way the Truth and the life” (John 14: 6), Jesus Christ our Saviour (Y’shuah the Messiah).

While the Adventist church is now opening its doors to welcoming gays and lesbians into her communion for membership and leadership roles, she is simultaneously purging the church, and “disinviting” those from her midst, who seek to lift up the standard of the Torah in her midst.  The writer himself has been on the receiving end of these abuses, as can be seen in this recent letter given him by the Pastor of the Stafford SDA Church in northern Virginia.  The reason for taking this action against my family (including a two-year-old child), is that I publish views on my website:,  which are “inconsistent” with the doctrines and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church!  So while on the one hand, they protect the “religious liberty” of the gays, lesbians, and Muslims, etc., they trample to destruction, the religious liberty of those in their own communion.  Of this class, our Saviour rightly lamented: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.” Matt. 23:15.

Below is the letter I received from the Stafford SDA’s, warning me not to anymore attend that church, on account of my website:  Please note that truncation to the right column of that letter belongs to the original document given me. Begging as I did, for a clearer copy, the pastor was unwilling to issue me a correctly formatted letter.  Let the reader be the judge of the intention of this letter, and for this reason, I now conjure up the courage to share it in a public setting, almost seven months after the fact, for the first time. (Please click on the letter to enlarge it for legibility).

Stafford SDA Letter of Disinvitation

After receiving this letter, I decided to reach out to the pastor and give him a chance to know me on a personal level, which he declined.  Here’s my letter to him:

Dear Pastor Wayne:

Thanks for your very kind letter dated April 24th, demanding that I no longer attend your church.  In it, you cited a clandestine meeting with members of your church board, with me on March 21, 2015.  While you were not there, you correctly noted that I had requested a letter from you if at any time you deemed it necessary that I no longer attend your sheepfold.  You have, however, overlooked or ignored another request of mine at that meeting, and so I am making that request to you at this time: please provide me an unedited copy of the video tape recordings of my family in that unannounced meeting.  I believe you are a man of integrity and will respond kindly to this request.

Additionally, the copy of your April 24th letter was very carelessly reproduced, resulting in the truncation of most of the words on the right column of the page.  With my desire to correctly represent your letter to the media, I am asking that you please send me a clean scanned PDF copy of the original letter, at your earliest convenience.

Wayne, I wish to extend an invitation to you and your dear wife to my home at a mutually agreed upon time, where we can explore our common Christian bonds. It is quite possible that we will find broad agreement in many interest areas, which will help to shape your opinions of my family.  Please let me know if this is acceptable to you.  My wife and I are both former workers in the church, and have no desire to tear it down, contrary to popular notions, but that aside a friendly visit from you to our humble home would be appreciated.

Wayne, I could not help but to ask your elders yesterday if they thought they were pursuing a course similar to Christ’s in their asking for my absenting myself from your church.  You see, Jesus knew Judas more than anyone else, yet he included Judas among his disciples, for the wheat and tares must grow together till the angel’s separate them.  Frankly, I would caution you to leave the work of angels to “angels” while you devote yourself to the faithful preaching of the Word of righteousness, ever exemplifying the love of our Saviour.

Thanks for noting the items herein discussed, and for your timely reply.


Garrick Augustus[8]

To the above letter, the pastor totally disregarded my right to having a properly reproduced letter, when he knew I would take it to the media, but instead responded in the following manner.

Dear Mr. Augustus,

Thank you for acknowledging receipt of and understanding the intent of the Stafford Church’s letter to you; therefore, preparation of another draft seems unnecessary.

With regard to the video, it has no bearing or relationship to the matter as pertaining to our request stated in the letter to you, and is the personal property of the owner and therefore not under my control.

Thank you for your kind invitation to your home; however, my current workload and responsibilities at home do not make this possible in the foreseeable future, but your expressed hospitality and invitation are appreciated.

It is not our intention to question your devotion to Christ and your faith, but your theology and views are incompatible with the positions and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  We wish you no ill will, we will not denounce you in the media, nor do we seek to prevent you from worshiping in whatever way you please.   We make no effort to interrupt or thwart the free expression of your faith.   We only wish for you to find another place to worship where your views and fellowship are acceptable.

Yours Sincerely,

Pastor Wayne Spangenberg[9]

Note that at no time in his correspondences has the pastor ever acknowledged me with the personal “brother” greeting, but instead the impersonal “Mr.” When they do this in Adventism, it gives them the additional right to prosecute me in a court of law, because in their mind they are not persecuting a “brother,” but only a person, even a heathen.  This is similar to how fights start in which physical blows are exchanged.  The assailant first dehumanizes the victim in his eyes, and only after this does he feel justified in striking even murdering the other.  This is how nations go to war as well, they demonize the other “enemy” nation, telling their citizens that the enemy is doing all these things, including stockpiling “weapons of mass destruction,” and this now justifies them to stop this “butcher” for the good of humanity!  But this behavior is only a vail and a front for their more sinister deeds, be they political, religious or economic.

Realizing that the pastor was unwilling to honor any of my requests, I again approached him the same day, and made more clearly my request for the document, and now videotape which he saw, although he was absent from the church on that Sabbath when his “bouncers” met with me, but was unwilling to transmit to me.  And truly, if it were worth it to me, I could have subpoenaed the item, but the evidence that they refused to turn it over on their own free will should speak volumes to the reader.  So here’s my response letter and appeal to him.

Pastor Wayne:

Thanks for your reply.  I believe you did not read carefully my request concerning the letter.  I am not asking for a revised copy of your letter, instead, I am asking for a correct representation of the original, as the current copy is truncated on the right-hand column.  I saw the letter to C .B. for example, and hers was not truncated.[10]  All I’m requesting is a representative copy which is reproducible without a negative reflection on your penmanship.

You now know that I’ve been a worker for the church as you currently are, and I’d imagine that your letter was reviewed by Adventist Risk Management, hence it is safe to be level with me and grant a clean and representative copy of the letter.  Again, this is not asking for a new letter to be written, but to exercise care in ensuring that the letter is complete.  For example, the year on your letter (see the scanned copy back to you), is 201 instead of 2015, and almost every word on the right column is truncated by one letter.  Being a professional, and a wordsmith, I’d think you should be proud to see a letter bearing your signature, as an accurate reflection on your attention to details, every jot and tittle (smile).

My dinner invitation is open-ended with no termination date, so whenever time permits, please let me know.  I do realize you’re a busy man, but I’m asking like Zacchaeus that you come to my house today (whenever you find today as applicable).  Think of this: if you should see me in the public square, I hardly think you could spot me out by name.  That’s how little of a relationship we’ve shared, and I really want to open my heart to you as a member of the SDA (we officially don’t use this abbreviation) to a pastor.  If dinner will be too lengthy, let’s plan for a one-hour meeting.  Since your church does not have a Sabbath afternoon program, I should hope that a Sabbath day would be a perfect meeting time for us.

Pastor, your statement “your theology and views are incompatible with the positions and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,” begs the question: are people who have different views on the Bible than the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church worthy of being saved?  If so, how about me?  If not, why?  And finally, I know that the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church regarding the “stone” in Daniel 2 is that it came from a number of places, such as: “nowhere, heaven, the sky, Daniel does not tell us, God, etc.” From your reading of the Scriptures, where does Daniel say the stone which smote the great image came from?  Just curious…

Thanks for your time.

God’s blessings to you and family,

Garrick Augustus[11]

With full intention not to turn over a true and accurate reproduction of the original letter debarring me from future church attendance, the pastor sent this final letter to me.

Mr. Augustus:

I understand clearly your request for a better copy of the personal letter delivered to you by the Stafford church; however, from a reading of your last email, there appears to be no misunderstanding of its purpose and or content and, therefore, its intent has been served and a better copy is unnecessary.  I hope you have a blessed day.

Pastor Wayne[12]

The final exchange from me to the pastor is now shown below.

Pastor Wayne:

I thought you were a man of integrity and would do the right thing by giving me a clear and legible copy of the letter your members gave me with your signature, even while you saw that the letter was not properly reproduced, but this you refuse to do, for reasons you alone know.

I can only say you’re fighting the wrong battle.  What will you do with the homosexuals who will soon attend your church, if they’re not there already?  Are you going to dismiss them as you did me based on dogma?  Think about this and see whose side you’re defending.  I pray that you find peace with YHWH.

Have a blessed day, and may the God of heaven speak to your conscience.  Just remember this: it was a church board that decided on crucifying the Jesus you preach, and throughout the history of the church, it has been the church boards who have been the perennial persecutors of the saints.  Are you really excited about walking down this forbidden path?

Shalom to you, from our Messiah King, Y’shuah,


I share these correspondences I had with the pastor that the reader may get a sense of how the Seventh-day Adventist Church sees Rod believers, and those descending from corporate doctrines and policies; they are perceived to be beyond the grace of Christ and are unworthy to be saved and unsafe to be fellowshipped with.  Adventists are currently actively pursuing an approachment methodology to Muslims, a people proverbial for some of the most breathtakingly brutal and barbaric atrocities in human destruction of all times, than any other group known to modern man, yet they are not seen as being beyond the reach of God’s grace, but not so with a Shepherd’s Rod believer, they must be debarred from the doors of the Adventist church for time and for eternity.  How is that for intra-denominational religious tolerance religious liberty!

What are The MDG’s & SDG’s?

These are United Nations policy action items that they are interested in implementing by the close of 2015.  They have some very ambitious aspirations, among which they propose to ending poverty among humans, gain international commitments to reversing the threat of global warming, and eradicating violence among women and girls.

“The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the eight international development goals that were established following the Millennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000, following the adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration. All 189 United Nations member states at the time (there are 193 currently), and at least 23 international organizations, committed to help achieve the following Millennium Development Goals by 2015:

  1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. To achieve universal primary education
  3. To promote gender equality [this includes same-sex marriage, female pastors, etc.]
  4. To reduce child mortality
  5. To improve maternal health [this includes abortions and other control growth methods]
  6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
  7. To ensure environmental sustainability [this includes promoting earth-day Sunday]
  8. To develop a global partnership for development [this includes Church-State alliances]

“Each goal has specific targets, and dates for achieving those targets.”[14]

According to the UN, there are 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’),, and I want to call attention to three of them below:

  1. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

This shows why our church is under such great pressure to recognize female pastors.  This is how “end it now”—Adventists say NO to violence against women and girls, got started: “About enditnow: a campaign to stop violence against women.  enditnow is a global campaign to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence against women and girls around the world.  It aims to mobilize Adventists around the world and invites other community groups to join in to resolve this worldwide issue.”[15]

  • “We have collected more than 600,000 signatures so far,” said Mrs. Small. “We are taking it to the United Nations because the Adventist Church has never made a public stand on this issue and we believe it Is time.”[16]
  1. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. [This includes recognition of “earth day”—Sunday sacredness, see recent papal encyclical on Climate Change # 237.]
  2. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

“Justice for all” requires an international standard of conduct and legal institutions through which these legal codes can be enforced.  This means national courts will give way to international courts, based on international laws governing all nations.

“The SDGs established so far consist of 17 goals that will be finalised in September 2015… “The SDGs are focused around three pillars that UWS [United World Schools] sees are crucial for the sustainable and long-term reduction in children out of school: empowering girls, mobilising the local community, and partnering with local and national governments.” [17]

From this messaging, we should expect to see some official ruling on the Church’s part close to September of 2015, to demonstrate that they are committed to achieving these UN target dates.  Already, I have shown you language that has been adjusted at the last General Conference Session, to start that process rolling.  And before long, there will be another one to shore up same-sex unions.

Woe unto the men of our world, as the spirit of “the woman” will be “ruling the world” of tomorrow—riding the beast, so to speak.  Is this our calling, to clasp hands with worldly institutions to bring about a more just and perfect world based on international codes of conduct? Ten-thousand times, NO!

While I do admit that there is a crime against women and girls, this in no way gives us permission to start paling around with “the United Nations,” an institution which is at its core, the voice of Romanism.  Further, this one-sided justice of protecting the “women and girls” at the expense of men and boys, is in itself a crime against humanity, for it values females lives, and sends the deafening message that “females lives matter!”

Campaigns of this sort are first of all, divisive, and should never be done under the “moral leadership” of worldly institutions or the Papacy, for too late it will be for us, when they will have greater expectations and impose higher obligations on us to meet, and then we are caught.  The principle of justice demands that “injustice against one, is injustice against all,” hence, as followers of the Lamb, we ought to advocate on behalf of all human beings.  From the sacred desk of the pulpit, by pen and by voice through the printed pages, hosting workshops and community intervention programs in our churches and community outreach groups, such as schools and hospitals, without ever soiling our hands with the agents of Rome.  In other words, we must be the “moral leaders” and not the followers of Papal dictations.  There are many and better ways for us to be change agents in our world, than by pandering to the ecumenical aspirations of the Vatican.

Let’s focus on Crime in Jamaica, for example, in comparison to the enditnow campaign by the SDA church there:  In the same year when enditnow was launched on the island, Jamaica ranked 5th among the 44 highest violent crime hot spots around the world!  This should call for “enditnow” for all lives—a call to end the violence now, and most of the murders!  But that was not to be:

“Jamaica has been constantly ranked as one of the country’s [sic] with the highest levels of crime. Both petty crimes and murders have fluctuated over the years. Mostly increasing by large percentages and decreasing by smaller numbers. The country has one of the world’s highest per-capita murder rates… In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders or a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people. That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.”[18]

With such a high murder rate, you’d expect to see a stronger push to end violence against humanity, instead of being sexist about it.  But in the face of astronomical bloodletting against people in general, and men in particular, we are seeing a one-sided justice bid— “save our women and girls, from violence!”  This balancing of justice was best articulated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he declared these famous words in his letter from a Birmingham Jail: “I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”[19]

The correct Biblical response to violence against women and girls—enditnow, is to equally support non-violence among and towards men and boys, without appealing to the UN, for the church is the “moral leader” of the world, and not the other way around.  But when we systematical inch our way into the arms of the papacy by promoting their initiatives, it won’t be long before the final step is taken, and we find ourselves home at last—completely trapped in her embrace,  What a calamitous day that will be!  We have been given inspired counsel that such a state of affairs would be realized in our denomination, for Ellen White did dream of the church leadership morphing into “a Catholic procession.”[20]

“As the storm approaches, a large class who have professed faith in the third angel’s message, but have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth, abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition. By uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit, they have come to view matters in nearly the same light; and when the test is brought, they are prepared to choose the easy, popular side. Men of talent and pleasing address, who once rejoiced in the truth, employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls. They become the most bitter enemies of their former brethren. When Sabbathkeepers are brought before the courts to answer for their faith, these apostates are the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them, and by false reports and insinuations to stir up the rulers against them.”[21]

“The prophecy of Rev. 13:3, “And the world wondered after the beast,” reveals a great apostasy.  The Biblical number “seven” includes everything represented by the heads (riding on the beast and headed by the devil).  Note the name of blasphemy is upon all seven heads,–symbols of impious religious leaders, mocking the personality or authority of God, under the cloak of Christianity.  The intention of the complete satanic scheme is to deceive the whole world.  The statement made by Christ is true, that he (Satan) will try to “deceive even the very elect [the 144,000] if it were possible.”[22]

This book, originally written in manuscript form in 1929 had already predicted the “great apostasy” we are now witnessing.

From Yesterday’s Idolatry to Today’s Homosexuality In Church Leadership

Have you noticed that the churches today are changing fast after the manner of the world?  From music, to dress, to sexuality, the popular culture latched itself to church life like a leech to a human’s body, and there appears to be no end in sight.  The new drive now is to be politically correct in America, and show openness to homosexuality, as reflected below in the new official stance of the Adventist church.

  • “Many homosexuals have been bullied, beaten, or even killed in various parts of the world. Gay persons have not felt welcome in some churches and have often been the victims of gossip and crude jokes. Some have been expelled from our Christian schools when they revealed their attraction to the same sex. Most, if not all, have heard sermons that condemn homosexuals as persons, failing to distinguish between homosexual attraction or orientation and the practice of homosexuality. All persons, including practicing homosexuals, should be made to feel welcome to attend our churches while non-practicing gay persons should be welcomed into membership and church office. All should receive spiritual care from the Church (Gal 6:1).”[23]
  • “If I accept myself as a gay or lesbian person, do I have a place in the Church?” We are a Church made up of sinners saved by grace with love as its foundation (Matt 22:36–40) and such love should be shown equally to all members. Gay and lesbian members who choose to, and remain abstinent should be given the opportunity to participate in all church activities including leadership positions in the Church. Those who struggle with temptation to sin should be treated the same way as other members who struggle with sexual sin (Matt 18:4; Mark 2:17; Luke 5:31; 19:10). We strongly affirm that homosexual persons have a place in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”[24]

It is remarkable to see how the attitudes of church members are changing along these lines.  I noted with interest, that we would not seek to have a pedophile leading our pathfinders’ club, or a prostitute teaching sexual purity, yet we are willing to now hand over church leadership to homosexuals!  Is that consistent?  I think not.

What many people are stultifying reasoning to ignore is the basic truth that when we come to Christ, we are changed!  So if I were a homosexual before I met the Saviour, I am no longer walking in that way, nor am I later on described by that vice.  When I become one of His disciples, I now become a new creation, old things are passed away, and all things made anew.  “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2Co 5: 17.

The Bible further teaches that that life is our past, and does not define our future:

“9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 11  And such were [not are?] some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. “ 1 Cor. 6: 9-11.

In light of what we here see, it is totally disingenuous to label a victorious Christian who once walked in the perversion of homosexuality, bestiality, prostitution, debauchery, drunkenness, murder, or any other evil, as a member of that community from which he or she were saved.  The command of the Saviour to every sinner was clear and definite: “go thy way and sin no more.”  Yet even when we sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Y’shuah the righteous one.

Once ago, certain practices were not welcomed among true Christians (Disciple of Y’shuah), but today there is an “anything goes” attitude, because truth is fallen to the streets.  But the once fallen truth will rise again through a people who shall follow the Lamb wherever He goes!  May we strive with all the power God has given us to be numbered among them, the 144,000 strong, is my prayer.–Garrick Augustus, October 25, 2015.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Breaking News–Now we flaunt it…


Palm Springs Adventist Church: Saturday, December 19, 10 a.m. – 12 Noon. Featured musicians include the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus, a 40 voice male choir that performs a variety of concerts yearly in Palm Springs and the surrounding area. They will perform Hodie, Every Valley, Salvation Is Cleared, and Gloria Fanfare. Professional violinist Zlata Grekov, and bass soloist Rick Schaffner will also perform along with church musicians Doris Borg, Jiggs Gallagher, and T.J. Berger…

The pastor also expressed gratitude to the many guests who will be contributing. He especially thanked the gay men’s chorus “for being our friends and for contributing your talents to the benefit of our worship celebration. In the final analysis,” He said, “it’s not about us anyway. Its about a God who loves and saves, and who keeps making his circle of friends ever larger.”

Read more here: Palm Springs SDA Church website

EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA!  Added September 27, 2018

Operation Posture-Shift to “Lead Them Home”.  As inviting as this title may seem, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is now through its educational outreach arm–the second largest educational system in the world, courting the LGBTQ+ community to “lead them home,” without any appeals to their compliance with God’s laws!  This is reminiscent of Barack Obama’s “evolving” on the question of gender identity, after he became President, as he vigorously sought to cajole the State of North Carolina to disregard a person’s gender identified on his or her birth certificate.   In their own words, Posture-Shift declares, “We have never — and will never — practice reparative or conversion therapy. Our only objective in spiritual care is to offer safety, acceptance, protection and a place for people to share their story and grow in their faith without judgment.”–Lead Them Home
Yet, the same church has turned a black eye to the racial abuse handed down against its own church-grown children of a different pigmentation at the denomination’s prestigious Andrew’s University in Berrien Springs Michigan.  Read the report and watch the video here: Adventist Today
Sadder too, while church leaders are reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community, they are actively demonizing all who embrace belief in the Shepherd’s Rod Bible-based teachings, even removing from membership anyone who should as much as express interest in studying the truth behind that message’s rejection.  I have personally challenged the world church with my ground-breaking book, available for only $7.99 at Google Books
About three years ago I wrote a feature article for The King’s Journal and now provide it here for your digest (scroll to page-3 when you open the link), in light of these current revelations.
This demonstrates the accuracy and relevance of the topic given the times in which we live.  I can only say that we were under the false hope that a Church-based education would insulate our children from Halloween parties, and a homosexual education, but those days are just about past!  May God have mercy on this generation of leaders of followers, is my prayer.
“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”  Isa 59:19.

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