Join our Bible Study class every Sabbath on the Conference line… all times EST

TIME (EST): 5:30 pm (Apr.–Sep.) & 4:30 pm, (Oct. – March)

PHONE: 1-(641) 715-3580; Access Code: 944823#

Playback: 1-(641) 715-3589

Go here to see Live Conference screen sharing:
Speaker: Evangelist G.D. Augustus
Got Questions? Call: 1-770-722-7969,
or e-mail:
Third Angel’s End-Time Bible Prophecy Website:

Be a wise virgin: Come and get your supply of “extra oil” today! (Matt. 25: 1-13).

Some Topics Covered

  • Who are the 144,000 Saints?
  • The Latter Rain: What and When?
  • Israel in Bible Prophecy
  • The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
  • The Rise of ISIS in the Levant
  • God’s Battle Axe
  • The Beast and His Mark?
  • Armageddon: When, Where, Who, How?
  • The pre-Advent Judgment
  • The Seven Trumpets of Hope
  • Breaking the Seven Seals
  • Signs of the Times of the End
  • The Kingdoms of Grace & Glory
  • Why is the Middle East Burning?
  • “Unto 2,300 days…” (Dan. 8:14)
  • A 3-Day Journey “in the heart of the earth”
  • “The Seven Last Plagues” of Egypt today
  • What is “the Everlasting Gospel?”
  • National Sunday Law
  • Jacob’s Time of Trouble
  • When Will Michael Stand Up?
  •  Jonah’s Message to Assyria & World War 3
  • What is the Judgment for the Living?
  • When Will Jesus (Y’shuah) Come?
  • Are YHWH’s “Statutes Judgments and Commandments” Relevant Today?
  • Inside the Vatican and apostate Protestantism
  • Sinless Living and Christian Perfection
  • Righteousness by Faith
  • When the Referee Becomes the Bully…
  • Revival and Reformation in Laodicea
  • Healthful Living and Your Life Insurance
  • Biblical Marriage in a Changing World



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