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This page will carry current articles on historic and modern Davidian thought.  The hope is to expose some of the doctrines that are held as truth among this body, in the hopes of unifying us on the platform of the Bible–the truths of the “Everlasting Gospel.”

It is a well-known fact that since the death of Victor Houteff in 1955, Davidians have been splintered and scattered into many “warring factions,” so to speak, with no two groups seeing eye to eye.  My research has led me to conclude that this splintering among Davidians can be attributed primarily to those who have gone before.  There are many leading names in this great movement that have taken credit of a Divine work to themselves, and promoted themselves to offices such as Porter and president, Living Spirit of Prophecy, Antitypical David, Joshua, and even Jesus Christ, the “Son of God!”

It is my hope that this portal will serve as a point of conversation where many of these doctrines can be inspected for their consistency with the Scriptures.  Among the more divisive doctrines are:

  1. the-pasture-how-could-we-have-missed-it-part-1-caldric-michael
  2. Who Is The Porter
  3. The True Apostolic Davidic Levitical Constitutional Order–Government
  4. Antitypical David Study With Davidians on WhatsApp
  5. Davidian Unity With Diversity, How?

Other topics will be added as time progresses, however, these will be our focus for the immediate future.

Early on the agenda came the concern as to the location of headquarters. This proved to be the most difficult problem of the Session. Some were of the opinion that it must, in view of one or two statements in the ROD, be the Lord’s will that we somehow gain control of old Mt. Carmel, that we might carry on and finish the work from here. A study from the Bible and the ROD was presented to us by Brother Bingham, proving conclusively that there are three places of spiritual pasture where God’s people are to feed (see [1]SRod 243:2). The study went on to show that since the Carmel of the ROD (old Mt. Carmel) is no more, and since Gilead is the Kingdom (see Jer. 51:8 and Jer. 46:11, 12), we are therefore now in the Bashan period and must, accordingly, get our meat in due season from the ROD in BASHAN . (This entire study will be published as soon as possible.)

The delegates unanimously concurred that the evidence is conclusive that the Carmel period is past and that therefore we are not to try or even to hope or to want to return to Carmel. During the extended discussions of the matter, a number of prospective sites were considered, but were found in one way or another to fall short of meeting our needs. It was therefore decided to establish temporary headquarters in Arlington, California, and to ask the Executive Council to appoint a location committee to work on this problem. — The Symbolic Code, 1961, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 8, 9; italics and [added].

Given the history from the above-cited 1961 Session report Code, of the first constitutionally called assembly of Davidians, after the disastrous ending of Florence Houteff’s failed prediction of April 22, 1959, it is only proper that we revisit the theology which gave birth to the now familiar theme among many Davidians–The Pastures.   Therefore, first among these topics in this search for a United Davidian body of believers, is the subject of “the Pastures.”  The below audio file and associated PowerPoint Presentation slides are best studied together, however, the audio can be listened to at your convenience, in your car, on the plane, train, etc., while the reading of the presentation material can be done later.

Feed Thy People With Thy Rod…In The Midst of Carmel (Part-1, Audio by Garrick Augustus): 

During the study, I was challenged by the Bashan Leader to produce evidence that V.T. Houteff actually taught and published the view that the 144,000 would be gathered in Waco, Texas.  Since the study was not focused on that item I did not have immediate access to the information and promised that I would produce it.  Below here is direct evidence, much to the chagrin of our challenger, that Houteff believed very strongly in the concept that not only the 144,000 but “the great multitude,” also would be gathered together on their 189 acres of land!

VT Houteff corrected a previously held view, which was the doctrinal hope of many Davidians who publicly taught from Mt. Carmel’s Chapel, that the gathering of the saints would be at Mt. Carmel Center, and even the Solemn Assembly, would be held there, too. That view is what caused Florence to announce the congregating of Davidians to their New Mt. Carmel Center grounds, in the carrying out of her erroneous prediction that the slaughter of Ezekiel 9 would have occurred on April 22, 1959. Holding to that same erroneous concept, a number of Davidians, principally the Bashan Association, have historically purchased large swaths of land in the hopes that their Headquarters home will be the staging ground or the gathering place for the 144,000 before they make their final trip to the Holy Land!  Let’s now review the evidence:

While we do not have light farther than that we should make a beginning, yet we hope soon to have something very definite. But we are clear in extending an invitation to all our fellow believers in Present Truth to join us in earnest prayer to the end that no mistake be made at this time. We will welcome any suggestion also concerning how we might quickly develop something that will be the nearest to what we have all longed to see established among us to represent every branch of our work, first to the church and incidently to the world in preparation for that greatest of all demonstrations when the “great multitude” shall sweep into the “house of the Lord” through the gates that shall never be closed. (Isa. 60:11.)– The Symbolic Code, (April 15, 1935), Vol. 1,  No. 10, p. 3

Brother Houteff would later correct his erroneous view, thinking that Waco would be the welcome center for both the first and second fruits, in the following testimony:

Not to Takoma Park, not to Mt. Carmel Center, not to some other place, but to house of Judah and Jerusalem shall the final converts from all nations flow. Isaiah you plainly see absolutely confirms that the gathering of the people shall be unto Judah. Do you?”–Timely Greetings, Vol. 1, No. 15, p. 7

Not being clear on this precept that the 144,000 will not be gathered on some piece of real estate in North America, as recently as 2015, we can find Davidians promoting the size of their Headquarters as evidence that they are the only ones who can accommodate the 144,000.  Take a read of the following statement, written by the same one who heckled me during the Bible Study:

The Association has also gradually increased the land area of Bashan from the original 160 acres to the approximately 1200 acres of surrounding farm and forest land, thus making it the only Association potentially capable of hosting a real Solemn Assembly “from which not one [of the 144,000] is to be excluded.” 2 TG 8: 22.– V.T. Bingham, 2015,  Divided Davidia, pp. 35-36. [Emphases added, square brackets belong to quote.]

The Pasture, How Did We Miss It? Part-1 (Audio Presented by Brother Caldric Michael): 

Presentation Files (For Audio above): the-pasture-how-could-we-have-missed-it-part-1-caldric-michael

Presentation File (Part-2): the-pastures-how-could-we-have-missed-part-2


The Plain Truth about “Who is the Porter?” Who Is The Porter

Please leave your comments on this page for a public conversation towards a more united Davidian movement, who will, in turn, plead with mother in love and Christ-like compassion.

2 thoughts on “The Davidian Corner

  1. The term Solemn Assembly pertains to the Seventh Day of Passover (Deut 16:8), and Eight Day of Tabernacles (Lev 23:36).

    To keep it on any other day is like keeping Sabbath on Sunday.

    Only those who keep Feasts will survive purification of Davidians.

    When Davidians are purified, Waco wil become the center of operations for the gathering of the rest of the 144,000.


    1. Hi Felix how do you reconcile this statement of yours with the Bible, Isa 2: 2, 3, for example:
      “When Davidians are purified, Waco wil become the center of operations for the gathering of the rest of the 144,000.”

      Not from Mt. Carmel Center, or from Silver Spring MD, or even from Tacoma Park or Washington DC, but from Zion and Jerusalem, says the Scriptures, shall the everlasting gospel beam from, in my read of the Bible. How about yours?


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