Lesson 10 (Daniel)-From Confession to Consolation

In chapter 9 we will learn about Daniel’s long prayer of supplication and the revelation of the longest time prophecy of 2,300 days of atonement which terminated on October 22, 1844.  Click on  this link to read or download the lesson: Lesson 10 (Daniel)-From Confession to Consolation

While the regular lesson spent a lot of time on the prayer, since we have covered to topic of prayer last year, and twice in this series on Daniel, I shall, for the gravity of the subject at hand allow the reader to take that portion from the Quarterly, as we concentrate more intently on absorbing the deeper truths of Dan 8 and 9.  Of great significance is the omission, in the Quarterly, of the historic date of the commencement of the Investigative, pre-Advent Judgment!  That concern will become more vexing as we advance in these end times, for it indicates that old landmarks that were once thought “secured,” are now being given up!  It will be only a matter of time until we see more landmarks being abandoned!  May God help us to be as faithful as was ancient Daniel, amidst the apostasy of our time, as he as in his.  We will not cover, in this study, the mechanics of God’s calendar, and encourage the reader to follow that vitally important study on our YouTube Channel at this link: https://youtu.be/AWuBik6bUHM

3 thoughts on “Lesson 10 (Daniel)-From Confession to Consolation

  1. You express grave concern about “the omission, in the Quarterly, of the historic date of the commencement of the Investigative, pre-Advent Judgment.” You seem to have a genuine concern that “old landmarks . . . are now being given up!” and that it “will only be a matter of time until we see more landmarks being abandoned!” While your concern is commendable and may have merit, you cannot afford to destroy your credibility by making false assertions. The Quarterly does not omit the the date of the beginning of the Investigative or Pre-Advent Judgement! In fact, in the following week’s lesson, Lesson 10, “From Confession to Consolation,” on Friday, March 6th, the date 1844 is affirmed FIVE times, including the statement, “Thus the cleansing of the sanctuary in Daniel 8:14 can be shown to start in 1844.” The fact that you are making your assertion based on Lesson 9 is no excuse, because you make the same kind of false statement in your comments on Lesson 10. However well-intentioned the expression of your concern is, you need to rid your comments of the taint of misleading propaganda.


    1. Brother Moncrieffe: I appreciate your zeal in defending the Quarterly’sposition and I am just as willing to stand up for the truith, even if I must stand alone! Having said that, I was genuinely remorseful to have seen your post, for I thought I had truly overstatedd the facts, given your counter. But after a close read again, I realized that you were reading with parallaxed vision, in that you are conflating the mention of the year 1844, with the DATE of October 22. I am not able to be as accommodating as you are in this manner, for reasons I have provided before. Please check out the video on this subject: https://youtu.be/AWuBik6bUHM

      I am honored to have you as a regular reader, and most of all as a critical reader, as sound reasoners and logical thinkers are few. I strive not to be a mere reflector of other man’s thoughts, but to “rightly divide the word of truth,” respecting primary source references at all costs. I would appreciate your critique of the most recent commentary on Lesson 12 (Dan. 11). Shalom in Messiah.


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