Follow this link to Lesson 13 (Daniel)-From Dust to Stars

Be like angels of heavenDaniel chapter 12 does not officially begin until verse 5!  The first four verses in this chapter are a direct continuation of Gabriel’s message in Chapter 11.  In other words, rather than the eleventh chapter’s ending at verse 45, it actually continues through the first four verses in chapter 12, thereby in a logical sense, making chapter 11 to have 49 instead of  45 verses!  This being true, we are obliged to go back to the 45th verse of the eleventh chapter, to ascertain the context, continuity of thought, and timeframe for the contents of Chapter 12.  In this chapter we will see Michael (Y’shuah) standing up as the ancient warrior of Daniel’s people, to deliver His end-time saints from the time of trouble.  Connected with that scene is a mixed resurrection of both saints and sinners, the appearance of the High Priest on earth, a discussion of the daily, in connection with the end times, and finally, Daniel’s own resurrection to “stand in [his] lot at the end of the days,” (v. 13), upon the earth!  What do all these wonders mean?  This is the object of this concluding study. How glad is the thought that whenever trouble arises, Michael is near and on assignment!


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