Jonah’s Message To Assyria, Part-2

This presentation reveals the truth that Y’shua endured a near two-day torture and seven trials which ended with his being nailed to the cross.  It reveals the truth of the Jonah typology of “three days and three nights.”  You owe it to yourself to listen to this presentation, as it once and for all shows that Christ actually ate the Passover supper with His disciples on the 15th day of the First Hebrew month, at a time when historic and contemporary Christianity teaches that he was already in the Tomb.  It also dismissed the notion of a Friday the 14th, 31 AD Passover event, as the Passover that year was on Wednesday April 11th.   The truth of “the heart of the earth,” is uniquely presented from a sola-scriptura point of view.

Finally, it exposes the fact that reliance on the use of idioms of the day, are totally ineffective measures of deciphering the truth of His words.  YHWH’s blessings to you, and please leave us your comments below, if you are so moved ty the things you’ve learned.

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