Biblical Calendation 101: How to Accurately Identify October 22, 1844

This article is written to establish the fact that October 22nd, 1844 was the biblical day of atonement for that year.  Over the decades since the Millerite-Adventist disappointment and with the advent of higher criticism, many “Scholars” have berated the Seventh-day Adventists for inventing “a face saving doctrine” in defense of the Day of Atonement (DOA) a month later than the Hebrew calendar called for in that year!

This article will employ the historical reckoning of the New Moon calendar for that year, along with the astronomical signpost in the heavens–Vernal Equinox–to prove beyond any ken of a doubt that in 1844 the DOA fell precisely on October 22nd.  Follow this link to the lead article in The King’s Journal, page-1:Biblical Calendation 101

For the portion of study dealing with 1844, please read my Supplement to Biblical Calendation 101.

I find that Adventists who cannot single-handedly defend October 22nd, 1844 from Scripture and Calendar, have resorted to the Karaites, who have disparaged them for doing so!  The Karaites are not happy about this and have sought to distance themselves from any resemblance of an October 22 DOA, claiming instead that it has never fallen that far in the year!  This article: Biblical Calendation 101, very roundly treats this subject without question, and established the Pioneer’s position on solid ground.  We don’t need support from the Sadducees (Karaites) , who do not believe in a resurrection, in order to secure the veracity of the 2,300 days of Daniel 8:14; the Bible and calendar history are sufficient.

3 thoughts on “Biblical Calendation 101: How to Accurately Identify October 22, 1844

  1. Regarding Biblical calendation, I am working on a trifold that I would like to send you for your feedback. Also, when did the Messiah resurrect?


    1. Absolutely: please send to this email address:; During Sabbath hours I’ll send you a presentation on the day of three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. I provide exculpatory Biblical and sociological as well as scientific evidence that Messiah’s resurrection occurred on a Sunday, the Sunday during the week of Passover
      on the day of the Wave Sheaf of that year.l


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