The Rise of ISIS and The Fall of Syria

Note: Here is the audio-video version of this presentation delivered again on April 8, 2017:

US Attacks SyriaThis is a presentation on the rise of ISIS as seen through the eyes of Bible prophecy.  This study was first presented in 2011.  Follow this link to an article which unveils the headline news of prophecy before they are pronounced as history.   The_Rise_of_ISIS_and_The_Fall_of_Syria

Today the United States volleyed over 50 cruise missiles into the Country of Syria, in protest of an alleged chemicals attack against civilians on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.  It is remarkable to note that these events are occurring in the shadows of Passover this year, and could very likely be an invitation for a bigger fight tomorrow.  Whether or not this will be the fuse that ignites the Middle East in lethal warfare, is yet to be seen.  One thing is certain, however, and that is the greatest war yet to be fought on earth, will be fought in the Middle East, with Jerusalem, Israel, in its corsairs.

It is remarkable that as Passover draws nigh, Wednesday, April 12, 2017, that there is aggression in the Middle East.  To add further to the symbolic significance of this fact, it was on this date (April 6) 100 years ago, that the United States entered the epic battle known today as World War One.  Could this firing of missiles into Syria, become the starting point of World War Three?  Only time alone will tell, but it is well that we ponder the below questions:

What if Assad attacks Israel with missiles and planes, in an effort to broaden the conflict and take the heat off his hands? What if Russian troops and military gear on the ground are struck by these American missiles?  What if Russia and Iran feel that their interests are at stake, and stand up to this US “aggression”?

May we realize the signs of our times and order our steps according to the Torah–God’s holy Law, while being covered under the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ (Y’shuah) the Messiah.

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