The Illusion Of Lunar Sabbath-ism

This article is the result of a two-part Bible study I conducted on the truth or falsehood of the notion called “the Lunar Sabbath.”  This view is held by an increasing number of Seventh-day Adventists who are unable to Scripturally and logically handle the question of October 22, 1844.  Due to this weakness on the part of most SDA’s the Lunar Sabbath seems to provide an answer, and as it were, save the day.  Here is my definitive research on: The Illusion of Lunar-Sabbatism Revised 12-30-2017

  • In order to instill fear in our minds as to the true identity of the biblical Seventh-day, Lunar Sabbatists have charged that believers [both Jewish and Christian] are in effect observing Pope Gregory’s Sabbath, also called Saturday, or Satyrday. They even charge that such Saturday-Sabbath believers are effectively worshiping the planet Saturn, from which the weekly Saturday was named.
  • Again, this reasoning appears on the surface to be sound, but it is only a truth-coated error. Why? The simple answer is this: Pope Gregory’s Saturday [Satyrday] runs from Midnight Friday to Midnight Saturday, whereas God’s Sabbath Day runs from Sunset Friday to sunset Saturday!  These two days are out of phase with each other by at least six hours, except for the polar regions.  This simple answer will silence the claims that Sabbath-keepers are today observing a Roman Catholic institution.

To read the truth about the true Calendar History of Israel, as opposed to soundbites, I have prepared an unedited document, linked below, from my download of Britannica Encyclopedia’s Online 13-page documentary, clearly illustrating that this Calendar issue is not a secret, or hidden knowledge, that the masses are kept away from since the days of Julius Caesar and Sosigenes in 46 BC, or more recently, in 1582 AD, under Pope Gregory: The Western Calendar And Calendar Reforms

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