In The Wake of Justice Kennedy’s Resignation…

Justice Kennedy RetiresMy friends, here is breaking news! Justice Kennedy has handed in his resignation, and the liberals in the media are already mourning, as they see a certain writing on the prophetic wall of time. Here is CNN’s legal analyst on this subject. CNN sees death of Roe v. Wade with Kennedy’s resignation.
There are three imperatives that the conservative branch of the nation’s politics will seek to achieve under Trump’s watch:
  • First they will restore sanctity to the womb, by removing Roe vs. Wade, or the abortion law.
  • Second, they will restore sanctity to the Lord’s Day, Sunday, by making Sunday the Sabbath at the penalty of legal punishment or Civil penalty for breaking the Sunday Sabbath law.
  • Third, they will seek to gain sanctity to marriage, as an institution between a man and a woman only.  This also will be enforceable by penal codes.  This would be a finger in the eye of the same gender marriage act that we have today under Obergefell vs. Hodges.
I cannot say at this point the specific order, and which of these initiatives will be achieved, on a chronological basis,  but I can say broadly that all three initiatives will be achieved, based on Bible prophecies. And with a large body of conservative Evangelicals burgeoning the Republican Party today and into the future, coupled  with a Conservative Republican president who is buttressed by these religious zealots, the climate could not be more ripe for such changes as these. But there is more, and I will share that “more”in successive posts.  we are living in the days of fast fulfilling prophecies, stay tuned…
Prophecy has long foretold that the USA will speak as the “dragon” though it sports the appearance of a “lamb;”  see Revelation 13: 11-15.
President Trump will have the unique moment of placing another conservative on the Top Court’s bench, and possibly a third, should Ruth Ginsberg follow suite and retire, given her years and length of service.  Let’s be watching.
If Donald Trump gets a second term, and the chances are that he will, handily, we will truly see a new America for the next long while.  I will have more to say on this topic in coming days…  Shalom in Messiah.

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