The Vineyard Crisis

Matt-20 illustratedThis presentation was done by John Witcombe.  John provided me his story of leading literally “hundreds” of SDA’s from the organized church, but later found out his mistake and retreated his steps. It is a thrilling story to declare that he wended his way back to the Church, on account of the much hated Shepherd’s Rod message.  Here’s John’s story:


“Garrick, I once left the SDA Church because of the apostasy in the church and took hundreds of SDAs out with me. Then it was coming to an understanding of the vineyard parable that helped me see that I had made a mistake in starting a new organization. I will attach my understanding on this.

John”–Email to Garrick on February 2, 2016 at 9: 42 a.m.
Here now is John’s study outline on The Vineyard Crisis
Enjoy, and please join the conversation.
Shalom in Messiah.

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