“The Bashan Pasture,” and its Porter, are they Biblical?

Many people have heard of the name Shepherd’s Rod, and have seen various persons representing themselves as teachers of that message.  One very international group, Bashan,

Timely-Truth Educator Pic

considers itself the “mother” of The Shepherd’s Rod message today, and has launched its beliefs on the shoulders of the Rod in order to gain an air of legitimacy, however, this movement’s message is a far cry from the “sealing message” and is but an invention from Satan to make an extension in principle, of the Vatican into Adventism, under the misleading notion of “revival and reformation.”

Read the “Bound Up”: Read “The Bound Up Testimony” of Bashan here

The notion of a Davidian Pope is immediately seen through the office of “the Porter,” a most anti- Diety doctrine, as it extends the exclusive Office of the Holy Spirit to a mere man, who is to “inspect” the saints prior to their receiving the seal of God to be among the 144,000.  This doctrine is most dangerous, and from time to time, its contents will be posted here that the reader may see its dark origins and terminus.

The purpose of this page, therefore, will serve only as an informational guide to the unsuspecting as to what the Bashan pasture teaches, and how the unsuspecting may not become entangled in its mesh.  The principal teachings of Bashan are listed below, and their entire doctrinal foundation is aimed at making themselves the veritable “voice of God” to Davidians and Laodiceans today, from the year 1961.  Open the topic of the historic 1961 Session, and you will get a Bashanite talking for the rest of the time regarding the restoration of “true Davidic-Levitical order,” etc.

  1. Leah-Jacob Typology
  2. The three Successive “feeding” pastures–“today Bashan”
  3. The Living Spirit of Prophecy and the Porter–the Davidian Pope
  4. Davidic-Levitical Constitutional Government and “God’s Association”
  5. The “Bound Up” testimony of the Rod

The founder of this group is one Martin J. Bingham (M.J. Bingham), who himself is regarded as a “teaching prophet” among Bashanites, and who has revised and greatly expanded upon the writings of V.T. Houteff, pawning them off as of original Houteff works! (This will be proven in successive posts to show the very devious attempt of extending legitimacy to his work.)  Brother Bingham, founder, and prophet of Bashan, has led a successive leadership family business called “God’s Association,” or “The Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association,” who sensing his mortality, passed leadership to his wife.  She became the resident “prophetic” voice to that movement until her death in 2013.  Since then that prophetic mantle (porter and living Spirit of Prophecy) has again been passed over to her eldest son Victor T. Bingham, more commonly known as “Trevor” Bingham, or affectionately “Brother Trevor.”

A scholarly work has been done reviewing the basic foundational history of this movement, and can be sourced here (Chapter 17): What Every Seventh-day Adventist Should Know About The Shepherd’s Rod

Unable to dispute the findings of the above-mentioned book, the enemy has invented a very weak ploy in order to hoodwink God’s sheep from reading its contents, with the ridiculous claim, “the covenant message is not for sale…”  Anyone who respects the English language and the cause of Truth on earth will immediately see that this is only an invention because:

  • The Bible is for sale–from the days of Luther’s first translation till today, the Bible is sold around the world!
  • All of Sister Ellen G. White’s books are for sale, from the first of her Testimonies, her Experiences and views to the last book, Patriarchs and Prophets, all are for sale, and they have enriched many Colporters, and fed many families from the book sales.
  • V.T. Houteff sold the first two volumes of his book–The Shepherd’s Rod!
  • Many church books and magazines containing segments of The Third Angel’s message are actively for sale in all Church-owned Bookstores.

The book, “What Every Seventh-day Adventist Should Know About the Shepherd’s Rod: Volume I,” is not a “sale” of The Rod or Covenant message, but making available to the entire world (SDA Church and all other peoples) the importance of this message, and the devilish methods employed by the SDA Church to reject its teachings.  For a FREE collection of all the books authentically written by Brother Victor T. Houteff, go here: https://davidiantoday.org 

If anyone gives you writings having V.T. Houteff’s name on them, and such writings were of a later date than 1955, then you are not reading the original Shepherd’s Rod message, but a tainted version thereof.  The Bashan Association has largely expanded upon his writings and placed his name on their inventions, and pass it off as 100%-ROD only doctrines!  These are but the sparks of deceivers and should be avoided at all costs.  Such writings also come under the label of “Timely-Truth Educator,” or “The Bound-up Testimony of the Rod,” etc.

This group has a package of very dark doctrines, which they would not want to be given the light of day by the broader Christian world, let alone the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Its founder was an adulterer, even while later professing to be “the only Davidian brother of experience who can, in person, ‘be consulted the present time’ concerning the binding-up or confirming of the ROD’S testimony.”  For his adultery, Bingham was banned from Mt. Carmel Center for at least nine years, and this fact is one of the most tightly held secrets that is kept away from their members!  In the link below, I am now, for the first time, doing that which this very International Association is too ashamed of doing–making its beliefs public to the world.  As “international” as it is, they do not operate a public website listing their beliefs, as such doctrines cannot survive the light of  Biblical inspection.  This will become most evident from this first of several submittals of their beliefs.

 The “Bound Up”: Read “The Bound Up Testimony” of Bashan here

After reading their doctrines, the reader may direct the appended questions to their Bashan teachers for a Biblical answer.  These questions will be expanded upon from time to time, and the contents of this page will also be updated with all available Bashan documents for the reader to be informed as to what he or she is being inducted into, under the guise of 100%-ROD Only teachings.

We do not intend to create any hostilities between ourselves, our readers, and the Davidians here represented, as this is only matters of information that have been denied public access till now.  Below are ground-breaking studies that expose the fallaciously unbiblical teachings of the Bashan Association, and all others who hold to their doctrinal platform.

The three feeding pastures: The Pastures

The Porter: Who Is The Porter?



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